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Final Project – Fan Culture

For the subject of my project, I’ve chosen my favourite singer from Hong Kong – Joey Yung, as well as her group of fans.

Joey Yung, a 29-year-old female singer from Hong Kong.  She loves singing very much when she was small.  In 1995, she joined a singing contest held by a karaoke company and she won the contest finally, this made her to be a famous singer in Hong Kong now.

In 1999, she acceded her current entertaining company – Emperor Entertainment Group, with her first debut song “Unknown”, people are surprised why this young girl can express the song so differently.  And this song has entered the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) for more than 23 weeks, and still no one can break the record till now.

Joey’s first album named “Unknown”

In the following years, she has released many pop songs which were well-known and popular to the audiences.  Especially, in 2003, one of her pop songs “My Pride” has made her got many prizes in many music award ceremonies, which also made her to be approved as the Music Queen of Hong Kong and made her career to another peak point.

Album released in 2003
The song “My Pride” is collected here

Album released in 2005

Album released in 2009

In 2001, she had her first concert and she was the youngest singer which held a concert at Hong Kong Coliseum.  She also held her concerts in 2003, 2005 and 2008 respectively.  And the concert in 2008 made her go to another peak point, since too many people appreciated this concert too much, she held Part 2 in 2009.  This is the 10th year that she acceded in the entertaining industry, within these 10 years, she has released more than 60 pieces of CD.  In this shining 10th year, she also held her mini concert in Culture Centre in October 2009 for celebration.  In addition, she has made 59 rounds of concert and travelled more than 10 countries for her concerts within these 10 years.

Concert in 2005
“Reflection of Joey’s Live 2005”

Concert in 2008
“Starlight 2008”

Concert in 2009
“Perfect 10 Live 2009”

Since Joey’s image is very positive, aside to be a singer, she has taken part in many charitable activities like the UNICEF and World Vision etc.  She was also the spokesman of many brands like McDonald, Coca Cola, Broadway and Nikon etc.  Her advertisements can be seen in television and newspaper everyday.

Broadway’s advertisements

McDonald’s advertisements

Coca Cola’s advertisement

Spokeman of Coca Cola

The link below is a review of what legend she has made in these 10 years

(Short description of the video: The precios moments of Joey between 1999 to 2009.  She worked as an artist for her career.  And the video also shoed the legend she made within these 10 years, such as how many prizes she got in the music award ceremonies, how many cds she has released and how many concerts she held.  Aside to be a singer, she has also taken part in acting and be the spokeman of different kinds of brands.)

As Joey’s is getting more and more popular, the number of her fans is increasing year by year.  Aside from only the local Hong Kong fans, she has also attracted many different groups of fans from different countries such as Malaysia and Taiwan etc.  As Joey held any concerts or attended any functions, these groups of fans will also attend.  In every rounds of Joey’s concert, her fans will wear the fans club uniform and hold the LED banner in order to show their support to their idol.

Joey’s fans while she attended a function in Hong Kong’s shopping mall

Joey’s fans with their LED banner “Queen of Music Joey Yung”

Joey with part of her fans club members
The party is held to celebrate her 10th year career

The link below is a website/forum set up by Joey’s fans.  This website is established in 2000.  It is so special that it’s an English website/forum, so that fans from different countries can get the first hand information.

The fans range of Joey not only include the teenagers, but also many young professionals and middle-aged people.  Here, we can see that her charm has attracted many different levels of people.

 The links below are the video clips that made by Joey’s fans, recall the precious moments and the effort she put in these 10 years, as well as some comments from the professionals and the sponsors

(Short description of the video: Scenes from Joey’s concerts are put in the video, especially the precious moments.)

(Short description of the video: Joey’s pop songs are all put here.)

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Juno.. Juno.. Juno..
a girl who got pregnant when she was 16..
16!! 16!! 16!!
when i was 16..
i still look like a crazy and stupid girl..

key light is used..
as well as selective focus..
give audiences a warmth feeling..
like sunset..
also eye-line match..

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Brazilian Carnival


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Another Blog

it’s a blog that i’ve used for 4 years!!
u guys can feel free to visit it too..
before u vist..
u have to apply a Xanga account first since i’ve set “Friends Lock”..

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Holiday is Finished

11 days of Lunar New Year is finished..
normal school day started for 5 days already..
and loads of assignmentsssss come to us at the same time..
wanna cry..

many of my friends would like to watch this – “Alice In Wonderland”..
it’s quite attractive since it’s 3D!!
but somehow i think that Johnny Depp’s make-up is quite horrible..
still thinking whether going to HK or not since Macau cannot provide 3D screening for us..

another 3D movie..
kung fu movie – True Legend..
my friend watched it in HK..
but she said the story wasn’t attractive at all although she kept on laughing..
and she was busy in putting on and down the 3D glasses which made her felt tired during the screening..

i realli wanna watch “Toys Story 3”!!

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Start of Yr3 2nd Semester

it’s so unbelievable that i can still get back the account id as well as the password..
didn’t touch it for ages!!
almost forget the this blog after my Graphic Design course is finished..
i applied this account in 2008..
but it’s 2010 now!!
i think i should make good use of this blog..
and share something funny with u guys here..

let me introduce myself first..
I’m Precila Chau..
Year 3 student from English Communication..
it’s great that i can take Benjamin’s course with my lovely classmates and friends..
hope that we can have fun and interesting discussion during class..

i think most of u have watched this trailer that i attached below..
still i would like to share..
coz it’s really interesting!!
and i’m looking forward to this movie!!

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